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The Zebra Digital Story

Image by Kelvin Ang

Transform peoples’ and organizations’ relationship with data by creating a New Standard for data infrastructure — a wide open architecture predicated on the creation of Data Trust.

The Genesis of a New Standard

All things lead to Space.

One year ago, the Founders of Zebra Digital, Shimon Warden and Stan Bellew, assembled a team to develop a project supporting space launches and missions.  The proposed concept reimagined the possibilities to monitor, track, and validate commercial space launches — develop a fully integrated system to be the authority for all commercial space traffic, persistent communications, and data infrastructure to deliver a high-performance environment for operations in space.

Three major realizations surfaced:

  • The inability of existing data infrastructure to meet design requirements

  • The need to create Data Trust.

  • The data infrastructure required for space was, in fact, the same data infrastructure required for Disruption, Innovation and Transformation of everyday economies.

This opened vast possibilities from hyperscale, tech enabled businesses that power Smart Cities, Telehealth and Space to governments and companies driving new economies.

Value Proposition

Zebra Digital has developed a New Standard of data infrastructure that offers wide open architecture predicated on the creation of Data Trust.  We created Disruption, Innovation and Transformation by Approach and Design with principles that drive both our architecture and company.

The result:

a dynamic infrastructure powering the transformative capability of data enabling disruption, innovation and the transformation of industries, governments, societies, and new economies.


Our team is made up of bright and like-minded individuals, who have come together to explore endless possibilities. We come from a variety of different fields and technical backgrounds, yet our passion for Zebra Digital ties us all together. Check out the people who make Zebra Digital the amazing company it truly is.


Shimon Warden

Chief Executive Officer


Stan Bellew

Chief Technology Officer


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